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About Us
We want to be the most admired Brand in Industrial Washing Machine Manufacturing.

We, the management of Superfab Machine Pvt. Ltd., here set forth our belief as to the purpose for which the company is established and the principles under which it should operate. We pledge our efforts to the accomplishment of these purposes within these principles.
Basic Purpose:
The basic purpose of Superfab Machines is to perpetuate a private limited company engaging in various phases of industrial/commercial purpose machine manufacturing business, balancing amongst those phases so as to render needed satisfactory products and services and earn optimum, long-range profits.

What We Do:
The principal business of the company is to manufacture high quality machines synchronized with latest technology for the industrial use in laundry, Fashion and Garment industry as per client's expectation. To accomplish its basic purpose, and to ensure its strength, the company will engage in continuous R&D and modernization of their products for keeping pace with the latest trends and demands in the respective industry.
All activities of the company shall be consistent with its responsibilities to investors, customers, employees, and the public and its concern for the optimum development and utilization of natural resources and for environmental needs.

Where We Do it:
The company 's operations shall be primarily in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, but no self-imposed or regulatory geographical limitations are placed upon the organization for conducting, growing its business and related operations in other states in India and abroad. We have been catering demands of our clients not only in different parts of the country but foreign countries as well.
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