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Flat Work Ironer
Flat Work Ironer
We are providing wide range of machines for textile, export houses and hospitals. its fixable chest design cause uniform high pressure between the roller and the chest. The chest is technically designed to afford up to 25ooC temperature of surface which maintains pressure between chest and the roll.
Chest Type lroner Hi-tech electric heated ironer tor ultimate proficiency, efficiency and productivity.

Salient Features
  • VFD for variable rolls speed
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Higher out put.
  • Limited space requirements.
  • All size 304(12"), 457(18"), 610(24"),762(30"),812(32") roll diameter working width from 2 mtr. to 4.1 mtr., single roll version.
  • Electric heated models available.
  • Temperature adjustable to 250oC.
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