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Washer Extractor
Features :
  • Front Loading Type
  • Auto time, Auto temp. control
  • Auto Reverse & Forward
  • Auto Water Level Control
  • Auto Water Inlet, Auto Drain
  • Auto Dosing
  • Auto Dosing
  • Programming Logic Control for different washing programs
  • VFD operated
  • Touch screen
  • Fully Automatic
  • Inner basket and Outer Drum SS 304 quality, High Thick Plates used .High suction Blower
Machine available in all size 20Kg., 30kg., 60kg. 120Kg. etc.

Variable Frequency Drive

Heavy duty bearing housing

Turned suspension

Auto chemical dispenser

V.F.D. Reduces peak energy demands and save energy.
Provides separate extraction speeds for various Lines is like
having a custom designed machine for each linen.

Large close grained cast iron
bearing housing with two extra wide roller bearings that are permanently lubricated for trouble tree operation. In
addition, two high quality seals provide four times the sealing power to isolate the bearings from water and chemical.

Heavy duty coil spring and matched shock observer result in tuned suspension system that absorbs out of balance load vibration.
Strategically placed center of gravity and mass weight placement aid in controlling movements and results in
a 90% reduction of force
transferred to floor.
Optional Air cushion suspension.

Compartments dispenser
Mounted at the side of
the machine at a
convenient height and
flushes automatically
through powerful jets as
and when supply
signaled by the computer

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